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    On Friday, Facebook formally announced that human news curators will no longer write short descriptions that accompany the trending topic sections on the social media networking platform. Rather the tech company will use a technologically advanced algorithmic process to ‘pull [...]
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    There has been over 225 heroin-related overdoses in four counties across four different states over the span of one week, leaving local law enforcement officials and emergency responders without answers. Law enforcement authorities are now asking for help from the public in identifying the source [...]
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    On Friday the Untied States Republican presidential nominee and billionaire New York business tycoon, slammed his rival Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, calling the former First Lady and her husband the ‘real predators’ and brought up her [...]
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    The United States Democratic presidential candidate and former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on the defensive on Friday claiming, ‘may work as Secretary of State was not influenced by any outside forces.’ Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host [...]
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    The United States Department of Defense identified Staff Sargent Matthew V. Thompson, an Army Green Beret, as the United States military service member who was killed during an improvised explosive device near a mission training Afghan military forces on Tuesday. The twenty-eight-year-old Army [...]
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    On Friday during a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign speech on the campus of the historically black university of Florida A&M, vice-presidential candidate, and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine attacked Republican presidential nominee and billionaire New York businessman Donald Trump over racial [...]
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    Two missing boaters, who were stranded on the uninhabited Pacific East Fayu Island in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia, were rescued on Friday A passing United States Navy aircraft spotted a giant ‘SOS’ that had been carved into the sand on the beach of the island. Linus and [...]
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    BleachBit, a technology company that provided the software program to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s team, had scrubbed her private server of emails and even boasted on their website on Thursday, claiming it had prevented the Federal Bureau of Investigations from accessing [...]
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    Republican Maine Governor Paul LePage left an expletive-filled voicemail for a state lawmaker who called his recent comments about the racial demographics of drug dealers racist, the Portland Press Herald reports. Governor LePage called the Democratic lawmaker a “socialist co******er” and [...]
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    (Breitbart) – A Pew Research Center survey released August 26 shows majority support for protecting the right to gun ownership versus passing more laws to control who can own a gun. According to Pew, 52% of the public want to “protect the right of Americans to own guns” while 46% [...]
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    The United States Border Patrol stated it had arrested two men who attempted to smuggle $3 million in American currency into Mexico from California. The Border Patrol claims its agents tracked and stopped a vehicle in Escondido, California on Tuesday, finding nearly $34,000 in cash stashed away in [...]
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    The United States Justice Department will handle the investigation and possible prosecution of Phoenix metropolitan Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after federal prosecutors formally requested to be removed from the investigation due to unspecified conflicts of interest, according to a court document made [...]
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    One of the leaders of the group that organized the anti-police protest where a radical Black Lives Matter protesters used a high-powered sniper rifle to kill five law enforcement officers in Dallas, Texas, was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday for unrelated probation violations. Texas [...]
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    The United States government told the Associated Press that it would not finish releasing monthly batches of the detailed daily schedules that show meetings by Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State until after the November election, seven months after a United States federal judge [...]
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    According to an immigration expert, the United States will ultimately resettle nearly one million Islamic immigrants under the first term of a Hillary Clinton presidency, according to projections from Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota. Mr. Camarota notes that the large expansion in [...]
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    A prominent Nigerian Christian group has accused the United States Secretary of State John Kerry of being, ‘discriminatory and divisive’ during his recent visit to the country which often sees many incidents involving the persecution of Christians. Secretary of State Kerry visited the [...]
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    Yellen Moves Closer To Rate Increase

    August 27, 2016 // 0 Comments

    The United States Federal Reserve is inching closer to formally raising interest rates once again, the head of the United States Central bank and other economic policymakers suggested on Friday. Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said during a global monetary policy conference that the [...]


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August 27, 2016

by Staff in On This Day In History

Today is August 27th, 2016 and on this day in history in 1908, future United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson is born on a rural farm near Stonewall, Texas. President [...]


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