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Islamic State moving from Christian persecution to Christian ‘extermination’

According to recent reports the Islamic State in Iraq and Syrian (ISIS) is now moving from simply persecuting Christians under their control to attempting to exterminate them altogether.

Lorraine Caballero of Christian Daily writes, “Dr. Georgette Bennett, who founded the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, warned that ISIS is now targeting Christians as a group.”

Dr. Georgette Bennett is a prominent advocate for refugees and is the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

She stressed that failing to address the immediate threat facing Middle Eastern Christians may further the already strained refugee crisis.

Ruth Gledhill of Christian Today writes, “Bennett, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, and Shadi Martini, who arrived at the US as a refugee from Aleppo in Syria and is senior policy adviser at the alliance, warned about the growing dangers of failing to respond adequately to the refugee crisis.”

“We have now moved from Christians being persecuted to Christians being exterminated,” said Bennett. “We Jews — I am a Jew — we understand something about extermination. I think we recognise a genocide when we see it,” Bennett said.

“One of the dangers is that we are creating the very condition we fear the most by not rescuing children who have been out of school for years. We are leaving them very vulnerable to manipulation and radicalisation,” she said. “By leaving millions of people in limbo for years we are creating a population that has nothing left to lose.”

Bennett is advocating for churches to entice their congregations into actively pursuing efforts to reach out and help the persecuted Christians living in the Middle East, as she notes there is a large population of Christians and there is no limit to what they are capable of doing to help with the crisis.

Caballero of Christian Daily goes on to note, “Meanwhile, activists have also warned that ISIS’ acts of genocide against Christians could succeed if people continue to be indifferent to the situation.”

“hey also said the designation of genocide as the “crime of crimes” against Christians and other minorities should prompt the United States and the rest of the world to act,Crux reports,” she writes.

Back in August, the Daily Beast’s Philip Obaji Jr. wrote, “The so-called Islamic State has different strategies in different parts of the world, but in Africa and in Europe, certainly, its core objective is becoming clear: to kill Christians. Its long-term goal: to provoke a new Crusade, reviving the holy wars of many hundreds of years ago in the belief that this time around Islam will win.”

(Written & Edited By Bart Charles Begley)


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