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Exclusive: Dodge Unleashes Demons – Literally

By Susan D. Harris

Exclusive to the Crusader Journal

After clicking on a Christian video on YouTube, I was shocked when an image of Satan popped onto my screen displaying a split second subliminal image. It had no intention of being subliminal however; it was an advertisement for a car — the 2018 Dodge Demon — and it was terrifying.

Granted, back in the 1970’s, another Dodge Demon automobile gained popularity, complete with little cartoon devil decals which, according to one website, “didn’t sit well with some religious groups, but definitely added to the Demon’s flair.”

In 2017 however, Satan is literally in your face. How fitting that in these “ends of days” — when we see evil openly manifesting itself without apology — that Dodge would put out a slimy, hell-sizzling video tease like this:

Another Dodge Demon promotion titled “Cage” has elements similar to both the CERN operaSymmetry,” as well as the strange satanic opening of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland. Indeed, a similar tunnel is used by Dodge to transport a mechanized demon from its underground cage to the streets above to be unleashed on the world. In the next unabashed display of Luciferian pride, the mechanized creature suddenly reveals himself to be Satan himself. Flames abound in all of the Dodge Demon promotional videos.

Even more cryptic is the fact that Dodge launched a microsite for the new car titled “If you know, you know,” which is simultaneously being advanced as a hashtag promotion. One can’t help but think of a similar sounding enigmatic piece of advice: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Dodge is now owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, or FCA. It’s described as “an Italian-controlled Dutch multinational corporation…currently the world’s seventh-largest automaker.” If you visit their website, you will see all of the U.N. Agenda 21 gibberish about being “A World Class Sustainable Plant” and a proclamation that they are one of the “most sustainable automotive companies in the world…contributing daily to the transition to a circular economy.” You’ll also see a ton of greenie talk that outs them as Climate Change, New World Order globalists.

Whether it’s a scientific hadron collider, a transportation tunnel or a new car, Satan seems to be taking center stage as Jesus’ return draws closer. Thanks be to God that our hope lies in the return of our Savior, and not in the hellfire and lies of his adversary.

Susan D. Harris is a contributor to American Thinker, WND, The Daily Caller, Renew America, and other popular Conservative websites. She can be reached at


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