Middle East

Robocops will soon replace human police: newspaper


Robotic law enforcement officers will soon become a real thing, patrolling the streets of Dubai, a wealthy Middle East city in the United Arab Emirates. The small framed robot is less reminiscent of the 1987 film Robocop, who tracks down murderous criminals, instead, the cyborg police robot will focus more on misdemeanour crimes.

The Telegraph reports the robot law enforcement officer will start patrolling the streets of Dubai by May of this year, Dubai authorities have confirmed. Individuals will also be able to report crimes to the robot using a touchscreen installed on the robot’s chest.

The robotic police officer can shake hands and can be used by members of the general public to pay off traffic fines and submit paperwork. Dubai Police would like to see 25 percent of its police force to be robots by 2030, the Telegraph reports. The Dubai Police unveiled the prototype at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition.

“We are looking to have more robots in the future to handle policing,” Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan told Gulf News. “By 2030, we are keen to make robots around 25 percent of the total police force.”

“We are looking to make everything smart in Dubai Police,” Brigadier Khlaid Nasser Al Razouqi added. “By 2030, we will have the first smart police station which won’t require human employees.”

(Written & Edited by Bart Charles Begley)


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