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Pilot ejects safely before F-16 crashes near DC: Air Force


On Wednesday an F-16 fighter jet pilot on a training mission safely ejected from the aircraft before it came crashing down in suburb of Washington D.C. near Joint Base Andres, the Associated Press reports. Some witnesses reported the sounds of live ammunition.

The District of Columbia Air National Guard F-16C crashed roughly 200 yards behind a subdivision in the community of Clinton, about three miles from Joint Base Andrews. The Associated Press reports nearly twenty homes were evacuated within the area. Residents later were allowed to return to their homes.

Large portions of the military aircraft, including a wing and the fuselage, were located intact after the crash, which allowed investigators to identify it as an F-16, police said, CNN reported.

There have been no reports of injuries on the ground and the pilot of the aircraft has been taken to a military hospital, treated for minor injuries and released, Prince George’s County Fire and EMS spokesman Mark Brady said.

According to a United States Air Force official, the aircraft was hauling munitions, however, there was no threat to the public’s safety, the Associated press reports. The Ap reported the official was not authorized to discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The aircraft was flying along with other DCANG [D.C. Air National Guard] aircraft in a routine training mission in the greater Washington area,” Joint Andrews base said in a statement, the Washington Post reports.

“The aircraft carried only the pilot,” the statement read. The statement also said, “the pilot ejected and sustained non-life threatening injuries.”

(Written & Edited by Bart Charles Begley)



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