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(Video) Man tries to kidnap baby from stroller in store, father steps in


Video footage has surfaced showing the disturbing moment a man allegedly attempts to abduct an infant from a stroller before the babies father steps in and attacks the suspect, the Daily Mail reports.

Surveillance footage that was recorded on Sunday inside of a Dunkin’ Donuts store in downtown Philadelphia shows the unidentified man reaching into the stroller before the babies father pushes him away.

The Philadelphia Police Department released a statement calling on the members of the general public who may know the man to come forward.

“Even without the parents’ cooperation, we would verbally review this with the district attorney’s office,” Captain Sekou Kinebrew said. “But I tell you, it would be very difficult because it’s not uncommon that people approach people with children and say, “oh, what a cute kid.”

“We don’t believe at all this is what happened here,” he said. “The video certainly supports something completely different.”

– Crusader Journal Staff


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