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North Carolina man arrested for possessing weapon of mass destruction


(Photo by Mecklenberg County Sheriff’s Office)

On Friday a North Carolina man, employed as an air traffic controller with access to a control tower, was arrested for allegedly possessing, transporting, and acquiring a weapon of mass destruction.

Thirty-year-old Paul George Dandan was arrested along with his roommate, Derrick Fells, in Charlotte, North Carolina as a result of an investigation into a November 3 call to law enforcement concerning an individual with an explosive device, WCNC reported.

Authorities have said that Fells admitted building a pipe bomb to use against his neighbor, but later handed over the explosive device to Dandan.

Dandan had his employment immediately terminated by the Federal Aviation Administration after his arrest. His access to Charlotte Douglas International Airport was also revoked.

Dandan is currently being held in custody, according to the Mecklenberg County Sheriff’s Office.

Fells was charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession, the New York Daily News reported.

(Crusader Journal Staff)


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  1. This guy was set up.
    The other guy is a cia patsy, mule for a false flag.
    Notice that they used the term “weapon of mass destruction?”
    Since when is a pipe bomb
    related to war terms like
    The Deep State is behind
    this telegraphing their next move.
    Isis, funded by the deep state, has already stated that they will target planes.
    Now watch the middle east and executive changes of the NDAA.


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