Australian man killed in woodchipper accident



Police are calling the scene, “absolutely shocking,” after an Australian man died when he accidentally fell through a woodchipper.

The fifty-four-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, was working with the woodchipper in the driveway of a home with two other friends in Gympie, Australia on Sunday when the accident happened.

“It’s a horrendous thing to have to attend as a police officer — any sudden death — but these circumstances were absolutely shocking,” officer, Paul Algie told ABC News.

A police inspector said the three friends were “doing a favor for the lady that owns the property,” reported Channel Nine.

“They’re understandably extremely distressed over what’s occurred,” Algie said to reporters. reported support services were offered to first responders and those investigating the incident due to the gruesome nature of the scene.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the man’s death as an accident and would not comment on whether the man was using the woodchipper properly.

(Crusader Journal Staff)


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