Day: January 7, 2018

Olympic Games are at North Korea’s sight


The Olympic Games have always been a great holiday for the whole world. They served the cause of the best qualities of the human person, strengthened in people high moral values since ancient times. During the Olympic Games many armed conflicts were suspended and the feelings of unity, brotherhood and good reigned on Earth.

From 9 to 25 February 2018, the XXIII Winter Olympic Games will be held in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang. Thousands of athletes and fans from all over the world will gather to take part in one of the most significant and beautiful events which attracts the attention of every media. It may seem that nothing can overshadow this grand international holiday. Or maybe not?

North Korea, a socialist state in the northern part of the Korean peninsula, has always been confronting the Western world, especially South Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is campaigning to actively struggle against “disastrous political course” of his neighbor: banning South Korean music, films, serials and magazines. Any parody of the South Korean style in clothes causes automatic disapproval from members of the “zombie society” (

The militant leadership of the “Juche” country certainly will not miss the opportunity to arrange demonstrative provocations during the upcoming Olympics, hosted by more successful southern neighbor. What can Kim Jong-un do?

Despite the fears of the whole world, the “god-chosen ruler” of North Korea will not use nuclear weapons. This is dangerous for the North Koreans themselves, and the physical destruction of the population of other countries is not the goal of Kim Jong-un. He has a more sophisticated and inconspicuous weapon: hackers (also called “Unit 121” or “Bureau 121”) that can attack South Korea’s infrastructure facilities, thus provoking serious consequences, from blocking the operation of payment systems and ending with the local power outage and violation the work of Seoul’s government.

According to the commander of United States Forces in South Korea General Vincent Brooks, North Korean hackers are among the best in the world. They regularly carry out attacks on American and South Korean companies (

One of the latest high-profile provocations of “Juche hackers” is the penetration into the network of South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges  to steal the bitcoins (

Thus, Kim Jong Un receives a liquid and constantly growing asset in a relatively easy way which helps him keep the fragile economy of a country in global financial isolation.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists who speak different languages ​​and plan to visit the Olympics in Pyeongchang is a perfect target for testing North Korean cyber weapons. Any problems arising during the sports competitions with the energy infrastructure, the transport and communication system of the country will inevitably turn into an  international scandal. This is what Kim Jong-no needs to do – to prove to the Korean people and the rest of the world his ability to influence international events in the way he pleases. How far will the young North Korean leader dare to go?

(Written by Jonivan Jones, Chief Editor of The Informer & Edited by Bart Charles Begley)


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