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Poll: Public Doesn’t Care About Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels is interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CBS News' 60 Minutes program

Stormy Daniels, an adult film star and director whose real name is Stephanie Clifford is interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CBS News’ 60 Minutes program in early March 2018, in a still image from video provided March 25, 2018. CBSNews/60 MINUTES/Handout via REUTERS

Recently, the left pushed their narrative to get evangelicals to turn against Trump. However, this was a failed move for the leftist media. They thought that the idea of a president messing up in his past would cause evangelicals to vote the other way.

The fact is, there has never been a president to assume office with a clean slate. A new
Quinnipiac poll shows that the average American is less than enthralled with the “alleged” sex scandal. According to the poll, Voters believe 58 – 14 percent that President Trump had an extramarital affair in 2006 with a porn star known as Stormy Daniels. Republicans are divided 32 – 32 percent, with 36 percent undecided. Every other group believes there was an affair.

Yet, voters also say 73 – 23 percent that this alleged affair is not an important issue. Not only that, but Trump’s approval rating just keeps rising. Last week, Trump’s approval rating was significantly higher than Obama’s was at this time in his presidency. By about how much, you ask? Trump’s approval rating, according to Newsweek, is at a staggering 50 percent while Obama’s was at 43 percent during the same time in his presidency.

Therefore, as you can see, the mainstream media has failed in all of their attempts to “derail the Trump Train.” From the beginning, they have tried to come up with ways to get the evangelicals to turn on Trump. After all, the evangelicals make up over 50% of his support. So it is of no surprise that they are desperate to try anything.

In my opinion, they want to be able to raise the New World Order and indoctrinate our children without any resistance. Trump and his moral evangelical base are not going anywhere. It is high time they figure it out. However, even if they do figure it out, they will not stop until after Trumps time in office, where they will move on to the next conservative. However, this is my prediction. (Deep down, we all know it is true.)

(Written by James Ledbetter & Edited by Bart Charles Begley)

Author Bio:
James Ledbetter is a Pastor, a journalist, and a husband. He spends his
days looking through the current events day after day looking for great stories to write. Born in Atlanta Ga. He has traveled to India where he works on Mission Trips. You can also find him on Twitter (@RealNewsGuru) and Facebook(


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