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PEW: For Most Trump Voters, ‘Very Warm’ Feelings for Him Endure

Ministers, governors, Congress, White House working on prison reform

Woman gives birth while overdosing on heroin in BURGER KING bathroom

UK tests giving homeless people barcodes

Kamala Harris becomes Dems’ betting favorite for 2020

Melania’s parents become U.S. citizens

Don Jr. becomes Republican superstar

Media boost security at president’s rallies

Rogue message in Chinese broadcast over intercom at National Weather Service

More evacuations in California

MAG: Should U.S. Air Force Bomb Forest Fires?

Assange considering offer to appear before U.S. Senate committee

Russia Threatens U.S. Space Program Over Fresh Sanctions

World’s smallest horse stands 19 inches tall

Donkeys at mini ranch help people de-stress

STUDY: Online daters aim ‘out of their league’

Immigration raids in Nebraska, Minnesota target businesses

Man arrested for offering $500 to kill ICE agent

Bizarre plight of 1,000 crocodiles left homeless at failed tourist attraction

Boston Endures Hottest First Week Of August Ever Recorded

TRIBUNE Terminates SINCLAIR Merger, Sues Broadcast Rival

Sumner Redstone Trust Restricts Sale Options for CBS, VIACOM

Father, son caught killing bear, shrieking cubs in den

Grieving orca still swimming with her dead calf in Northwest

LINDSAY LOHAN: #MeToo accusers are weak for not reporting rape to cops

Atlanta school: No more Pledge of Allegiance to start day

Professors allow students to pick their own grade

Futuristic 19,000-Square-Foot MCDONALD’S Opens In Chicago

Spike Lee unleashes ‘BLACKKKLANSMAN’; Bashes Trump

Court bans popular pesticide

Wrong Tommy Fleetwood got massive British Open check

NASA astronaut reveals encounter with alien-like object

Arrest of Opposition Leader After Maduro ‘Assassination Attempt’

Ecuador declares state of emergency over migrants at border

Egypt’s second sphinx found: Ancient statue discovered during road work

Authorities: Kids trained to commit school shootings at extremist Muslim compound in New Mexico

Child remains recovered from father who wanted to perform exorcism

Lieutenant becomes first woman to lead Marine infantry platoon

Popular Philly Rapper Killed In Drive-By Shooting

SC abandons its churches: Attendance drops, closures rise

Town Mulls Passing Strictest Food Allergy Laws

Surgery centers don’t have to report deaths in 17 states

Yellowstone Volcano: 153 quakes in month

Police testing saliva swab to catch stoned drivers

SURVEY: Pet Owners Happier, Wealthier, More Fit


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