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69 Major Quakes Hit Ring Of Fire In 48 Hours

Madonna bashed over Aretha Franklin ‘tribute’

Protesters topple another Confederate statue in NC

NYT Reporter Receives Threatening Voicemail: ‘Pen Not Mightier Than AK-47

Israel eases gun controls following lone-wolf attacks

Melania Trump set for solo tour of Africa

USA deports former Nazi camp guard

UPDATE: Spacey movie takes in $618

Peter Jackson’s WWI film to premiere at London Film Festival

Pope to meet sex abuse victims

Mystery gunman shooting at luxury NYC apartment building

Chronic sleeplessness plagues industrialized countries

Musk INSTAGRAM Deleted? Drama With Rapper

CBSNEWS: Moonves Exit Could Cost $200,000,000

China Museums Rewrite History to Boost Xi

Measles cases hit record high in Europe

Junk food kills alpaca at animal hospital

Yellowstone greatest threat isn’t supervolcano. It’s 7-mag quake

GOOGLE sued for tracking users when ‘Location History’ off

WSJ: Russian hackers target conservative groups in widening cyberattacks

Drones Air-Dropping 50,000 Mosquitoes

Hard to see, hard to breathe: Smoke clogs skies in west

Saudi Arabia May Execute First Woman

Iran unveils first domestic fighter jet

Drone Flies for Record 25 Days Straight

Woman dupes dozens in weirdest TINDER date

Trains rerouted as goats roam NYC subway tracks

Men arrested for farm orgies with dozen animals

Nightmare in DISNEYLAND as hotel pool poisons guests

Hernandez fiancee addresses NFL star’s sexual orientation in book; Likely gay

Prisoners nationwide go on strike to protest ‘modern-day slavery’

Ice found on moon surface

Bianca del Rio firestorm after rape jokes

China Spy Ship Monitored US Missile Defense Test

Russia reveals bulletproof ‘solider suit’ with claws to be ‘walking army robot’

#MeToo worries at Burning Man; Orgy Dome caution

China rules using data, AI, web surveillance; Algorithm flags behavior

POLITICO Takes Heat for Blaming Roy Cohn’s AIDS Death on ‘Decadent Homosexual Lifestyle’

MIAMI HERALD endorses candidate who claims aliens took her aboard spaceship

California ranch lists for 125 times previous purchase price

Rich moving to coasts as poor go inland

Suicide rates in rural America soaring

World’s biggest plane has rockets to launch

WIRE: Prosecutors prep Cohen charges

OCASIO-CORTEZ: ‘Sanctuary Space’ from Media Needed

Movie star’s lifestyle reversal sparks a debate in Egypt

Ex-Army Captain Upends Brazil Election With Law-And-Order Campaign

Mysterious skyglows NOT auroras after all, scientists say

Entirely new celestial phenomenon


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