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NYC Sanitation Commissioner defends storm response after drivers were stranded & forced to sleep in their cars


The season’s first snowstorm caught many New Yorkers off guard Thursday night, causing heavy commuter traffic congestion across the area.

Some drivers became stranded along the Major Deegan Expressway, forced to spend the night behind the wheel of their vehicles. Law enforcement officials asked drivers to avoid the expressway.

Several vehicle accidents on the George Washington Bridge were part of the problem, according to local news reports.

One accident on the eastbound upper level of the bridge involved numerous cars and tractor-trailers, however, no injuries were reported.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called it a “perfect storm” and laid some of the blame on the accident on the George Washington Bridge during an interview with a local news outlet.

“The plows were out. They had their salt. That wasn’t the problem here. We had a bit, if you’ll forgive the phrase, of a perfect storm… of the timing and the intensity for a brief period of time,” he said. “And then really this huge crash on the George Washington Bridge was a big, big contributing factor here.”

On Friday morning, New York City’s Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia defended the city’s response while speaking with reporters saying, “we were very prepared.”

“The challenge we had was cascading impact from what happened on the GWB,” she said. “I think it actually speaks how critical that piece of infrastructure is because one it took the major arteries when people tried to go around.”

(Crusader Journal Staff)



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