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Passengers Trapped After Elevator Plunges In Chicago’s Hancock Skyscraper


It took nearly three hours for city officials to rescue six people trapped in an elevator in Chicago’s fourth tallest building on Friday, as one passenger says the elevator dropped from the 95th floor to the 11th floor in the Hancock skyscraper.

According to local news reports, a broken hoist rope caused the express elevator to malfunction while guests who had just left rooms on the 95th floor were riding down towards the lobby.

The elevator and two additional ones have now been closed off to the public until repairs are completed and investigators figure out what happened.

“At the beginning I believed we were going to die,” Jaime Montemayor, who is visiting from Mexico said. “We were going down and then I felt that we were falling down and then I heard a noise–clack clack clack clack clack clack.”

“It was a precarious situation where we had the cable break on top of the elevator (and) we couldn’t do an elevator-to-elevator rescue we had to breach a wall,” said Chicago Battalion Fire Chief Patrick Maloney.

There were no injuries reported.

(Crusader Journal Staff)



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