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Tijuana locals assault caravan migrants


Since last Wednesday, more than 3,000 migrants have arrived in Tijuana, Mexico. A city on the border of the United States, the migrants have sought refuge in the U.S., fleeing from violence and poverty back in their home countries.

As the Daily Beast reported, the arrival of the migrant caravan has prompted a backlash from some Tijuana residents who view the migrants as a threat to public safety, and as unwanted competition for employment and public services.

Last Wednesday evening a crowd of angry residents from the city confronted several migrants who had gathered in a local park to spend the night.

“They said we snored and that we stink and about 20 of them threw stones at us,” said 14-year-old Lineth Viera, from Honduras.

The city has converted a municipal sports complex near downtown as an emergency shelter where the migrants could gather together at one location in response to some of the disorder generated around the city.

Law enforcement officers have blocked all road access to the shelter and maintained 24-hour security in the area. Migrants within the caravan say it has not stopped the violent attacks against them.

On Friday a local man sucker-punched a migrant who was standing in line waiting to receive humanitarian aid outside the shelter, according to several other migrants who were also in the area.

“The man had been drinking, he told us we weren’t wanted here. Then punched the man in the face,” said Marvin Guevara, a 26-year-old Honduran who said he was standing in the line.

Several migrants said police confronted and removed the man from the scene, however, a senior police official said no arrests have been made outside the shelter.

Migrants said that protesters of the caravan harassed and threatened them early Saturday morning, they claimed there were small children sleeping in the area. No city official has confirmed this account.

Local law enforcement officials have confirmed that in a separate incident, a group of protesters shouted threats and threw rocks at the metal roof of the shelter, however, no arrests have been made and the incident remains under investigation.

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