Mass riots turns Paris into warzone


Protesting rising fuel prices, thousands of protesters filled the streets of Paris, France over the weekend, clashing with police and riot officers.

Rounds of teargas and water cannons were used by riot police against thousands of French “Yellow Vest” fuel protesters, sparking clashes with police and turning the Champs Elysee into something that resembled a warzone.

Some of the worst violence took place after a huge crowd of protesters gathered and called for French President Emmanuel Macron to resign, The Sun reported.

A police officer at the scene said: “They included hooded demonstrators who were determined to cause trouble.”

“We’ve been forced to deploy a water cannon and use tear gas to stop them getting to a secure zone,” he said. “They’re breaking up traffic obstacles to create missiles to throw at us. It’s getting very violent.”

Senior French ministers and officials have condemned the “radicalisation” and “anarchy” involved, claiming far-right and far-left political elements have hijacked the demonstrations.

Over five-hundred people have been reported injured thus far, and two deaths have been linked to illegal road blocks set up by the “Yellow Vests,” The Sun reports. Over ninety police officers have also been reported injured during the riots.

(Crusader Journal Staff)


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