Pastor Begley: “Merkel Urges EU Nations Not To Move Embassy To Jerusalem” “German Chancellor Merkel urges EU Nations not to move their Embassy to Jerusalem” See more at also also… also… also… also also also… Donate to this channel to continue this work at Paypal You may also mail in donations at Paul Begley 1048 B Sagamore Pkwy West Box 33 West Lafayette, IN 47906 Like us at Facebook Keep up to date with Pastor Paul’s live events… Watch the Coming Apocalypse Television Program on World Harvest TV Friday nights at 11:30pm ET on Direct TV ch 367 or Dish Network ch 217 Watch our Coming Apocalypse Live broadcasts Mon-Fri 12pm -3pm or Sun 7pm-10pm EST… or Listen on Blogtalk Radio… You can call in to listen on your cell phone 347-324-5208 Become a member of the Paul Begley Prophecy Online Church… Follow my Twitter account

(Crusader Journal Staff)


Categories: Europe, News Wire, Politics, Videos

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