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CIA’s illegal mind-control experiments exposed in secret files


Newly released documents, some of them heavily redacted, reveal the truth about the CIA’s illegal MKUltra mind-control experiments, using drugs hypnosis and electronic devices that officials hid in secret for decades.

According to researcher John Greenwald Jr., who has spent nearly twenty years trying to get the documents, the records “rewrite the history” of the CIA’s covert MKUltra project, The Sun reports.

The new documents, which were released under the Freedom of Information Act, show the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs, electronic devices, and hypnosis.

The experiments were part of a top secret and illegal mind control project conducted by the CIA under the name MKUltra.

Portions of the documents are either still missing or redacted, which could mean the agency is still conducting the experiments to this day, according to experts.

One of the newly released documents reveal how the agency planned to drug “criminals awaiting trial held in a prison hospital ward,” so they could develop “improved techniques in drug interrogation.”

Another document shows the CIA’s interest in developing a way to cause amnesia in humans using experiments, “no matter how weird, inconclusive or unusual.”

The document details how the agency sought to find ways of developing hypnotic speaking techniques that could control the minds of “large audiences” and “heighten group susceptibility.”

One memo produced in 1956 shows the agency’s interest in experiments which were “too dangerous, too shocking, too unusual for routine testing would be of interest to us.”

The documents also reveal mind control experiments on dogs, cats and mice using drugs and by implanting electronic devices.

The records were obtained by researcher John Greenewald Jr, who published them last week on his website The Black Vault. 

(Crusader Journal Staff)



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